”You are NOT WHAT you eat. You are WHAT YOU DO with what you eat.”
(Quote Dr. Robert Lustig at University of California San Francisco)

I want you to think for yourself and EAT RIGHT. It’s SIMPLE!
I have asked myself, as everyone else has:
WHY are we getting more overweight and obese?
WHY are diabetes, cancer and other diseases increasing at such a rapid rate?
WHY these trends despite advances in medical treatments and longtime “healthy” advice on eating and exercise?

Health and diet advice on TV and web-sites and in magazines and newspapers, including Dietary Guidelines issued by our Health Authorities are usually along these lines:

  • Limit your fat intake.
  • Limit your intake of cholesterol.
  • Stay away from saturated fat. Choose mono-and polyunsaturated fats, and soy instead.

Going to the grocery store these days it is hard to find anything with fat – there is light, low-fat, non-fat – foods with less fat, but more sugar and sugar substitutes, preservatives and emulsifiers, and water – hence these products are usually more expensive than the “real foods” relative to real food content. (Compare margarine to butter)

Sweden has experienced a revolution in the past years in the way people perceive food and nutrition, limiting carbohydrates hence leaving more room for fat in the diet – preferably saturated fat. Inspired and encouraged by Swedish friends who are participating in this “fat revolution”, I especially want to reach those of you who are off on your own, making more and more of your own food choices. The food choices you make will in a BIG way affect your well-being and subsequently your work, studies, and other activities.

My Swedish friends have managed to improve school lunches in some districts by mobilizing parents and are still “on the move” trying to change public policy in order to help ALL children, as well as seniors in homes – two categories who usually don’t have much of a say in what kind of food they are served. We should have the same NUTRITION VISION here. Margarine and oils should not be on school menus and senior homes’ menus!

Do we need to re-think and re-evaluate the “healthy” diet and food advice we have been given for the past 40-50 years? Yes! We need to move towards organic, ‘slow’ and local foods, emphasizing healthier fats and foods with less sugar, sugar substitutes and fewer additives. We need to get the word out about the dangers with fructose and soy.

My son is out of college and I know he makes wise food choices, when able to…. He has started educating and informing others as well, and he certainly didn’t take my word for it, but did his own research, and I expect that you may want to do the same.

Through this website/blog and lectures my goals are:

  • To enable you to learn the BASICS about the body’s chemical process (e.g., what happens in the body when you eat carbohydrates, protein, and fat.
  • To inspire you to learn more.
  • To provide resources for further research.
  • To engage you to become a critical thinker.

This is my way of trying to help you eat and feel better!
And, to get the message out: DON’T BE AFRAID OF (the right kinds of) FAT!

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