My name is Lotta Bystrom, and I am passionate about getting the message out: “Don’t Be Afraid of (the right kinds of) Fat!

(Contact me at if you would like me to give a presentation – in your company, school or elsewhere.)

As a mother of two, one graduated from college bound and one in high school, I have had to maneuver through the nutrition maze, my concern growing each year over “official” nutritional advice.

About ten years ago, when my dad visited and poured huge amounts of cream on his berries and ate egg and bacon every day, I began to immerse myself in research via books, media articles, internet websites and newsletters to learn about fat, vitamins, and nutrition. I attended conferences and lectures, and now want to pass on what I have learned.

In addition, much of my knowledge has been acquired by closely following Swedish sources – instrumental in the “revolution” to change the way people perceive food and nutrition in Sweden. I now dare to say, and many with me: DON’T BE AFRAID OF FAT. I don’t think the right kinds of FAT is the reason we are getting more overweight, obese, diabetic and sick. And, I think one of the greatest myths today is that low-fat is better.

This site is about providing basic education about the body’s chemical process and subsequently what may or may not be good to eat.

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Most of my working life has been in business and finance, doing market research, interbank trading, foreign exchange management and, most recently financial analysis for a large bank. I also acquired an ECE: Early Childhood Certificate (Montessori) and have spent a fair amount of time in the classroom.

Current Activities

My passion for getting the message: “Don’t Be Afraid of Fat” out – prompted me to create this web-site and blog and give presentations in schools. Contact me if you would like me to give a presentation – in your school or elsewhere.

MBA – Master in Business Administration – University of San Francisco with scholarships from the Fulbright Commission and the Sweden‑America Foundation; (International Business and Finance) Graduated Beta Gamma Sigma.
Masters from University of Gothenburg, Sweden; International Business, Cultural Studies, Economics and French.



WAPF: Weston A Price Foundation
WAPF-SF: Weston A Price Foundation San Francisco Chapter including Nourishing Our Children.
SWEA – Swedish Women’s Educational Association
Swedish Club
AMS: American Montessori Society
The International Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma (Recognizing Business Excellence)
The Junior League of San Francisco

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